The 10 most useful websites for a Working Holiday visa in New Zealand

Organising a working holiday visa in New Zealand can be a bit overwhelming, but many websites have the answer to most of your questions. From your visa application to the daily news about New Zealand, here is our top 10 of the most useful websites for a working holiday visa in New Zealand:

  • Immigration New Zealand
    No surprises here, you need this website to apply for this visa!
    Here, NZ tourism has created a huge database of information about visiting New Zealand.
  • Working Holiday Starter
    This goldmine of information has been called “the most useful website for a working holiday visa in New Zealand”
  • Backpacker Guide
    This is the most popular backpacking guide to New Zealand. It has 100s of articles about working and travelling in New Zealand. Plus, it's FREE!
  • TradeMe
    It's the Kiwi equivalent of Ebay, Craigslist, Monster and Flathunt.
  • DOC (Department Of Conservation)
    If you are into the NZ outdoors, this is your #1 portal.
  • METService
    The #1 weather forecast website of New Zealand.
  • i-SITE
    This company almost has a monopoly on tourism information desks in the country. You will come across them at one point or another.
  • New Zealand Herald
    NZ's biggest and most reliable newspaper will be your best source of news while in NZ.
  • My Working Holiday
    Here, you can get the all information for preparing a working holiday visa in New Zealand all in one place, including a step by step guide to getting ready and not forgetting anything.

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