10 packing hacks for a working holiday visa in New Zealand

It can be the most daunting part of your trip; choosing between this pink top and this flowery skirt. Not everything will fit in your backpack and you need to keep it light, as you will carry it around the whole country.

Here are 10 life-saving packing hacks and tips to help you pack your bag for you working holiday in New Zealand:

  • Pick a backpack your size.
    If you are a small girl, pick a small backpack and pack less. Nobody needs a backpack that they can't carry around. If you are a big guy, feel free to pick a bag as big as you can carry.
  • Roll you clothes.
    To save space, roll your clothes in your bag. You'll fit much more in that way. On a related note, pack clothes that do not require ironing.
  • Pack from the bottom up.
    Make sure that you can access the essentials easily. Also pack things in the corners of the bags first, you'll be surprise how much space you will save that way.
  • Place heavy items close to your back
    It will make your backpack way easier to carry as the weight will be distributed better.
  • Do not over pack!
    Compare the bag's weight to the weight restrictions for your flight. The extra cost at the airport can be quite hefty.
  • Stuff your shoes.
    There is a lot of space inside your shoes. Fill them up with socks, for example, and save space.
  • Pack a small toiletry kit.
    You can save a lot of weight and space by packing a very small toiletry kit. Toothpaste and shampoo are easy to find in New Zealand – don't worry.
  • Plastic bags are your friends.
    Use one plastic bag for each type of clothing so when you unpack your bag you can immediately find what you want.
  • Keep your valuables in your carry on.
    Wallet, passport, camera, laptop, etc. All these items will be useful during a long flight so keep them handy. Also, pack a pen for Sudoku and airport forms! Flight attendants rarely have spare ones.
  • Tag your bag.
    It is estimated that airlines lose over 40 million bags a year. A tag can be a lifesaver in that case!

By the way, some of the comprehensive medical and travel insurance cover luggage loss. Something to keep in mind when comparing them.

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