Cost of life in New Zealand

The most expensive cities in New Zealand are Auckland and Wellington. That said, a 2012 survey ranking the most expensive cities in the world found that out of all major cities of the world, Auckland only ranked #56 and Wellington #74. That is much better than many other major cities like Sydney, London or New York. New Zealand's major metropolitan areas are indeed more affordable than those in other countries.

Here are the prices of a few very common items (prices are in NZ$):

  • Big Mac $5.50
  • Cup of coffee $4
  • Pint of beer $8
  • Milk (1L) $2.5
  • 12 eggs $6
  • Pasta (1kg) $2.2
  • Movie ticket $17
  • Gas (1L) $2.3
  • Pop can $2
  • Restaurant meal $40
  • Rugby game $20
  • Haircut $25

New Zealand's tax on goods and services is called GST (Goods and Services Tax). It is currently 15% applied on most items and services. If nothing is stated, the GST is included in the price, however, if a price is followed by “+GST” it means that you will have to add 15% to it.

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