Work and travel in New Zealand

Aside from the obvious awesomeness of New Zealand and its unbelievable landscapes and natural wonders, one of the main reasons for people to choose New Zealand for their work and travel adventure is that the New Zealand job market is always booming!

Jobs are available almost everywhere and most of them require little to no experience.

To look for a working holiday job in New Zealand you will need a detailed 2-3 page resume/CV and a convincing but short cover letter. You will also need to have an IRD number which is the tax issued by the Inland Revenue Department.

The top New Zealand job websites and working holiday job websites are: TradeMe, Seek and Backpacker Guide NZ but New Zealand is a face-to-face country so make sure to spend time meeting people too.

On a working holiday visa you can do almost all kinds of jobs in New Zealand as long as those are non-permanent jobs. Most common seasonal jobs include:

  • Waiting
  • Fruit Picking
  • Bartending
  • Tourism job
  • Customer service
  • Farming
  • Au Pair
  • Marketing
  • Housekeeping
  • Cooking
  • Construction jobs
  • Office support

In New Zealand the minimum wage is $15.25/h and you will pay between 12.20% to 19.20% taxes on your wage depending on your earnings. Those taxes are taken directly as you earn so there is nothing for you to do. Easy!

Have you considered working for accommodation? It is called WWOOFing and the concept is simple: work 4 hours a day for 5 days a week and get a week of food and accommodation. It is a great way to live with locals, earn valuable work and life experience, and stretch your money further. Check out WWOOF for more information!

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