Working Holiday Visa: FREE Online Application Walkthrough

Since 2014, all applications for working holiday schemes must be made online. It helps Immigration New Zealand in processing your application faster and makes the application process much easier for you. However, the application process is a stressful part of your working holiday experience so we have made a 3-part walkthrough to help you:

You can also use this walkthrough to prepare for your working holiday visa application.


How to use this guide:

Use this guide along with the Immigration New Zealand website so you can follow our instructions step by step. Open the Immigration New Zealand website in another window and use this walkthrough beside it. As soon as you change window, click on the right arrow of this walkthrough.

Working holiday visa online application walkthrough

Click on "next step" on the bottom right corner of this widget to access the following step.

Step 1/32

Prepare for you application

You will need to have your Passport and your Visa or MasterCard credit card (for the application fee to be paid to Immigration New Zealand directly) ready for this application. When you have those 2 items, open the Immigration New Zealand website.

We recommend using the Firefox browser as some other browsers have been showing some display issues in the past.

When you are ready to go through this application, click on “Next step” on the bottom right corner.

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